From the sex counselors point of view…

Often people will ask me how I got into this field and why I do what I do. First, let me explain what I do. I work with women who have sexual dysfunction and help to treat from a behavioral and medical standpoint. These issues range from low desire, difficulty with arousal and lubrication, difficulty with orgasm, and pain issues. We utilize a number of treatment options at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality and the integration of sexual counselors and nurse practitioners make for a unique model.

Now…Why does someone get into this field? At times people will look at me strangely for talking with people about sexuality. I think some are even surprised that a job like this exists. Even when I explain, I don’t think people really get it. I find great personal satisfaction knowing I have helped someone, in this case, helping with sexual issues. Often people in ‘helping’ professions feel that is a calling and I couldn’t agree more; again in my case I am helping someone improve their sex lives. Sex at times can get mitigated. People may even be judged as shallow, based on a “sex isn’t everything” attitude. But sexuality is an integral part of who we are and the relationships we keep. It is a non-verbal way of communicating with our partners. At times, the sex in our relationships become strained and then affects other aspects of our relationship. Just like a medical doctor may be proud of conducting a successful surgery, I feel proud when I can help a woman orgasm for the first time. Or when her desire increases and she tells me she enjoys having sex again; or enjoys it for the first time in her life. Again, it is more than just SEX! This is about people’s lives and relationships.

If you are seeking treatment for a sexual dysfunction, please contact our center. There are specialists waiting to help with your problem. All of us here at the Center take great pride this type of work and are non-judgmental. So don’t be nervous or afraid, you are in good hands.

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