Eastern practices of sexuality.

The Western world is dominated by preconceived notions about what is normal sexuality. Often in the west, we tend to focus just on orgasm and the organs that may bring about orgasm (i.e. the penis, the clitoris). However, there are many different parts of the genitals that enjoy sensation and touch and often they get forgotten about. Eastern practices of sexuality, like Tantra are a bit different. Although the practices of Tantra may be difficult for some, I think everyone can take something from this practice and make it applicable for their lives. Eastern practices focus more on sensuality, having to do with the five senses. The focus is on the intimacy, sensations and connection of the couple. The focus is not on the orgasm, so there is no race to finish. Try this in your own sex life. Try to make the focus about the touch and sensations and not so much on penetration and orgasms. Go into your own body and evaluate how this makes you feel. Although I think having a light on during sex can be fun so you can see what is exactly happening, if the light is off, you have fewer distraction. Partners can go into their own body and really experience the encounter.

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