On how we masturbate.

I wish I had a nickel for every patient  who thinks that the way they masturbate is “weird.” I’d be rich. My favorite one is the hundreds of women who all think that lying on their stomach and rubbing against their hands, a blanket or a pillow is totally unique to them and no one else does it that way. HA!  

Relax. Let me tell you a secret, if you do it, chances are so do others. That’s the bottom line. And even in the unlikely  event that you have found a brand-new, never before tried way to masturbate — so what? Whoever said there was one right way to do it?

The only concern you may have about your choice in masturbation technique might be (and notice I’m saying MIGHT BE) if that is the only way you can orgasm, you might want to expand your repertoire to allow yourself an orgasm that your partner can share in if you choose to do so. So if the only way you can orgasm is  hiding in a closet, facing the wall — that may make it hard to share the experience.

Other than that, enjoy yourself. And don’t worry!!


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