There is so much confusion regarding how/where/when women have orgasms. And making the confusion so much worse is the fact that even the scientific community can’t seem to agree on its own terminology.

Take this article for instance: When it says women can achieve orgasm by masturbation but not by love making, what exactly do they mean? I have no clue! What gross generalizations and categorizations!

Are they saying that a woman can achieve orgasm only when she is alone in the room and using her hand or a toy? Or are they saying that while she is enmeshed in a session of lovemaking with her partner that includes intercourse, if she uses her hands to achieve orgasm, that’s masturbation?

That is not masturbating. That is sex!

While I’m at it, I wouldn’t call these women pre-orgasmic. (Sorry, that definition is a brand new one — and a stupid brand new one at that.) I’d call them NORMAL.

These kinds of articles ignore the obvious fact that how, when and where a woman orgasms is extremely varied and individual. To try and create a hierarchy of which orgasms are “real,” which happen during “real sex,” “real lovemaking” or which are “acceptable” or the “best” is stupid and counterproductive. I say, enjoy them no matter how you have them, and don’t worry — they qualify as sex in my book!

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