Let’s ban Spandex.

A federal appeals court has overturned a Texas statute outlawing sales of sex toys, essentially leaving Alabama as the only state with such a ban.

This was recently reported by the New York Times. So I am left wondering…


I guess I can understand why someone would choose NOT TO USE sex toys. I guess I would even understand why someone would find sex toys “gross,” but on what basis could someone possibly explain wanting to ban sex toys for OTHER PEOPLE?? Because they could possibly be used in a way or with someone that they would not approve of? If that’s the case, let’s ban spandex. I’m appalled at some of the people wearing it! Or let’s ban feathers. You would never believe what people are using feathers for these days! Or how about whipped cream and chocolate sauce? Maybe those should be banned too, because people can use them in “inappropriate” ways?

The bottom line, is that anything can be a “sex toy.” And how and when you choose to use a sex toy is quite individual. To outlaw the sale of them seems silly and ludicrous and hardly defensible. Finally, think of all that tax revenue the state won’t earn on sex toys!

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