I’ll take sexual fantasy please for 300…

Sexual fantasies are:

(A) Silly

(B) A waste of time

(C) An important component to sexual desire, arousal and orgasm.

If you said “C” you are correct! Sexual fantasy can be an important part of what drives our desire and our response. Fantasies can be anything you desire. Maybe you are imagining a setting like a beach or in the rain. Many times what we fantasize about isn’t necessarily something we want to come true. For example, you may have a thrilling fantasy like having sex in an elevator, nervous and scared that at any minute…the door can open! Now this doesn’t mean you actually want to have sex in the elevator in which you work or live at. It just may mean you like the thought of something being daring, without it actually being daring in real life.

Over 90% of couples fantsize about someone other than their partner. Again, this doesn’t mean you want to have sex with someone other than your partner, but it is a way to explore and imagine something different, without going outside the parameters of your relationship.

Fantasies let us explore different situations, people and sexual behaviors in a safe, healthy way. The brain after all is the biggest sex organ. Fantasizing can often bring people to orgasm quicker than if they had no sexual thoughts going on in their mind. Many people have a “GO TO” fantasy. A “GO TO” fantasy is a fantasy you often revisit in your head, that can bring an orgasm on fairly quickly, with sufficient stimulation. So explore different thoughts and sexual fantasies to find which fantasies work best for you.

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