Why does lube get such a bad rap?

I am always surprised at the people who do not use lube because they designate it for a particular person…usually an older woman or some one who cannot get easily aroused. Many times I will hear, “I don’t need that”. Lube can be for everyone! Lube can make it easier for a number of things. For example, if you decide to have manual sex (using hands on each other). It provides another titillated sensation for your senses…silky, slippery and wet and helps fingers and hands glide along. Try using some flavored lube like O’my for oral sex. It is water based but without sugar so it is beneficial to vaginal health. Also, lubes are a great choice when you are using condoms, which can often dry out. Just be sure to stick with water based lubes when using condoms. Today, there are many varieties for choosing lubes, and KY has many different options, for his and her pleasure. If you are embarrassed about someone seeing you in a store, just order online.

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