On pain…

If one more patient comes in and tells me she has spent a year with a therapist talking about the pain in her vagina and low and behold she still has the pain…I will get up and scream. Really. I promise. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand the ridiculous notion that “it is all in your head,” except it isn’t. I have a secret for you… generally a horse is a horse, not a zebra and generally pain is pain…NOT “your vagina telling you you don’t want to have sex.” Let’s try another one…maybe it’s your vagina telling you THAT IT HURT G-D DAMN IT!! Whew…I feel so much better.

And here’s another secret: often pain isn’t so very hard to treat, if you know what your doing — a little stretching, a little biofeedback, a little estrogen cream, a better lubricant, sometimes a medication and voila — MOST pain can be treated successfully.

So listen to me. If you have pain, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t or it’s not real just because they can’t “see it.” The fact that they can’t see it is their problem, not yours. So get help. Real help. And make that pain go away.

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