Why vibrators are like bras.

Sometimes I think I must be living in a cocoon. In my world, sex toys, vibrators in particular, are totally accepted. They are not shocking at all — kind of like up there with a bra.

For example, you probably wouldn’t yell out at a cocktail party: “Oh yes, and this morning I bought this fantastic pink lacy bra.” On the other hand you’d be perfectly comfortable telling your mother, your girlfriends or even a saleswoman about the great deal you just got on the aforementioned bra.

That’s kind of how I’ve come to think about vibrators! A bit personal, but a regular part of life and certainly not “kinky.” Clearly I’m a bit out of step here and have given the “public” a bit too much credit.

Recently there was an television “discussion” about the acceptability of vibrators. Thankfully Barbara Walters (my personal hero) was on the right side of this one! Anyhow, you might want to check this out.

Then you too can be part of the vibrator “controversy!”

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