Is there a problem with your sex life?

Too often we know there’s a problem with our sex life, but we are too scared to say something. I know it’s hard. You’re not comfortable talking about sex to start with. And your partner may be even more uncomfortable! Worse yet, it’s scary because you’re not sure where the conversation is going to go. Maybe your partner isn’t feeling sexual anymore… or worse, maybe they are not feeling sexual towards you. Or maybe you’r e afraid you’ll have to face some truths about yourself. What happened to your sex drive? Did it go away and never come back? Are you angry/hurt/disappointed in your partner? Do you not want to face the fact.

Here’s the deal. Things probably can’t get better unless you take the bull by the horns and talk about it. More often then not, if you want them to, the problems can be solved. But only if you know what it is. Go for it.

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