Love your body.

Okay women…listen up. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again but see if you can let it sink in. You need to love your body (or at least most of it) if you want to have good sex. You have to let go of worrying about how you look and focus in on how you feel.

Okay, so your probably not perfect…maybe you hate your hair,your teeth, your nose…maybe you’re far from that perfect body, maybe your 100 pounds overweight, or more, or maybe you have a deformity, or maybe you have a horrible burn or scar. IT DOESN’T MATTER. This is the body you have, now, today. It’s the body that goes with you wherever and whatever you do and it is the very same body that can give you pleasure, but only if you say to yourself…“You know…I am good enough!!! Really and truly good enough to enjoy myself and allow myself pleasure. And if my partner wants to be with me then I must be good enough for him or her as well so YAHHOOOOO…I am just gonna let go, be present, and enjoy myself.” A comfortable, happy woman even with significant “imperfections is ” way more beautiful than an uptight perfect one!!! I promise.

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