Is the economy wrecking your sex life?

These days, though people are hopeful about the future, there is a sense of nervousness about what is going to happen next. Another bail out? More stocks crashing? More companies letting go of employees? People are feeling the squeeze and with the holidays coming up, people will feel it more. Our sex lives suffer during times like these, increased stress, mixed with exhaustion and depression, does not put us in the mood for sex.  Even if we were in the mood, some are just too tired to get there. Take the 7-day challenge from the previous post. See if having some sort of sex (intercourse, oral, anal, manual, or masturbation) everyday changes your mood. Orgasms naturally reduce stress and depression levels by increasing our endorphins, our feel good hormones. So treat the economy blues with sex and turn those frowns upside down.

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