Talk to your kids about sex. Today!

Okay, what exactly are we doing wrong???? Here’s a direct quote from an op-ed piece from Saturday’s NY Times:

“In fact, a 2001 Unicef report said that the United States teenage birthrate was higher than any other member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The U.S. tied Hungary for the most abortions. This was in spite of the fact that girls in the U.S. were not the most sexually active. Denmark held that title. But, its teenage birthrate was one-sixth of ours, and its teenage abortion rate was half of ours.”

Time and again studies show that an educated teen becomes sexually active later and makes wiser choices. In the end the result is less teenage pregnancy and less sexually transmitted disease. But you know what? I am not so worried about statistics. I am worried about your kids!! As you should be. Make sure you talk to them! Today.

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