I feel shy…

Often patients talk about feeling shy about trying new things sexually. It’s really more common than you think. Even with (maybe especially with) long term partners. (“What? We’ve been together 20 years, NOW I’m gonna tell him I want him to wear a fireman uniform?”) So here are some thoughts on “shyness.” Most people have it now and then sexually. Your not crazy. Shyness can make you a little scared and insecure and sometimes that’s a great think sexually. You might find that the unease makes the experience more erotic or more intense. It’s easier to talk about something sometimes when your not face to face. Say, when your cuddled agains his/her back or in the car. If you really can’t talk about something, you can always write it down — leave an note or send an email. But please, please, don’t let your shyness get in the way of your trying something you’ve always wanted to try!!

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