Animals in the bedroom.

Okay, I know. There are so many way this post could go. However, what I want to address is why it is not great for your sex life to have your animals parked in your bedroom (or worse, your bed). I can’t tell you how many couple’s we’ve seen here who are just now realizing what a problem that can be. I am not suggesting that couple’s sex problems start because an animal (usually it’s a dog — I don’t have any clue why) has made the bedroom his/her own. However, while in the process of trying to improve things, the situation is often clear (and comical) I may add. Them: “We can’t have sex because the dogs start to cry/complain/jump on us when we get started.” Me (looking puzzled — and I’ll admit it, I’m not an animal person so that’s probably part of the problem) “Um…maybe they shouldn’t be in the room with you. Can you put them out of the room?” Them: “Oh, we’ve tried that and they spend the whole time scratching at the door and whining.” Me: “um… how about out of the house?” Them: (looking horrified.) that’s not possible because of…” OR sometimes I get…“I can’t even think about sex because the dog/cat/hamster has snuggled up against my wife and I can’t even get it to move…”

Listen folks. You’ve heard it before. The bedroom should be for sleeping and sex. Period. The same way you probably don’t want your kids moving in with you, you really don’t want your pets moving in with you!! But if they are there — I guess you’ll just have to find another room to have sex.

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