Is longer always better?

No. No. No. I’m not doing another harangue on penis length, I promise. This has to do with time. There seems to be a prevalent myth out there that women always want men who can last longer. HMMMMM…let’s see. The average time that a penis usually spends in a vagina before ejaculating is 3-5 minutes. Generally as men get older they can last longer. Here’s what I hear from patients. Anything up to 10 minutes can be great. After that, their vagina’s can get irritated. Again, I am talking the norm. Sure there are women out there who want to go at it for 30 minutes. Sure there are women who get irritated after 1 minute (although, it that’s you, sweetie, you might want to ask your doctor for help…that should be treatable if it’s a problem for you.) However, really and truly, most women do not want a penis in their vagina for 30 minutes. It doesn’t feel good. Now, that doesn’t mean that sex has to be over in 10 minutes…if you spend 20 minutes rubbing up against different body parts, having oral sex and using each other’s hands then when the man is good and ready he puts his penis in the vagina, 3-7 minutes should be plenty in there! However, as always, talk – talk-talk. See what your partner wants. Thank goodness we don’t live in “average.”

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