One man’s…

It never ceases to amaze me…one day recently I had two back to back vaginismus patients. “What’s vaginismus?” you ask. It’s a condition (not that rare at all mind you) where a woman can’t get a penis into her vagina. It can be severe. She can’t get a finger or a tampon in. Or it can be mild. She can get the penis in. It just hurts like heck. Anyhow, back to my story. The treatment that we use for vaginismus (put a bit oversimplified) is to introduce progressively larger “dilators” (hard plastic cylindrical inserters which look very medicinal) into the vagina to relax it and to stretch it. Once we get to the largest dilator, we then move on to penis shaped vibrators or dildos. When asked if their partner had helped put the dilators in: patient #1 responded that her partner had been horrified at the penis shaped vibrator and was only willing to use the “dilators” since they didn’t look like sex toys. Patient #2 responded that her partner didn’t like the medicinal looking “dilators” and was waiting for those fun dildos. Okay. Once again we learn that….hmm…one man’s dildo is another man’s dilator?

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