I love teenagers!

I just went into a high school to give their 1.5 hours of sex ed. Truthfully, I think we covered the basics and I try to remember that there are only so many take-away messages that anyone can handle at any given moment. But what I love about talking to teens is that once they get over their initial shyness and once there is some sense of trust established in the room, they ask the best questions. Here’s one. She “So what happens if you don’t have simultaneous orgasms.” Me (clearly out of touch with popular culture on this one.) “hun?” (See post below where I admit to not having a tv set.) She: “you know, what happens if two people don’t have orgasms at the same time. Me (recovering from my surprise…quite impressively I may add.) “Oh, most people don’t have simultaneous orgasms. That’s something the movies made up to be more efficient on the time.  It happens sometimes, but usually, it happens because the two partners know each other very well, have made love before, and are specifically timing it that way. Most often one person  has an orgasm ahead of the other person, and honey, if it’s one of us girls we might even go for a second!” A number of them looked surprised. I (once again) felt stupid…but the conversation continued from there in all kinds of fascinating directions. I love teenagers.

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