I just started reading (what looks like it’s going to be) a fabulous book. Bonk. The curious coupling of science and sex. Mary Roach, the author is fascinated by the study of sex and covers it all here from the prosaic to the truly bizarre. And the chick has a great sense of humor! Likely, you my readers, will get quite a few entries on this book. (Or you can just skip them and read it yourselves.)

Early on, in her introduction, she write about men and women who work in the field of sex research. How people assume they are aberant, obsessed with sex and just down right scary. I could relate. Then she writes “This book is a tribute to the men and women who dared. Who, to this day, endure ignorance, closed minds, righteousness, and prudery. Their lives are not easy but their cocktail parties are the best…” Thank you, Mary Roach. Thank you. From the bottom of my martini glass!

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