Yelling at the TV set!

I don’t have television. That is, I have the unit so I can watch DVDs but I don’t have any TV hook-up. This allows me to avoid watching hours and hours of TV which I am not interested in but probably would do if I had all of the channels and could avoid doing everything else in my life. Anyhow…I have purchased and am working my way through all of the Sex and The City episodes. This is because invariably patients make reference to the show and I want to know what they are talking about and also because I happen to think the show is not only relavent to what I do professionally, but pretty damn clever. I also have to give it alot of credit for opening up discussions on things that used to be considered not open for discussion…like vibrator use.

That having been said, it’s precisely because I am in the field that I find myself getting so aggravated and yelling at the TV set things like “That is so NOT TRUE.” Or how can you possibly be giving out that erroneous piece of information???.” I keep hoping that Sara Jessica Parker (or for that matter MIranda or Samantha) will turn her head to me and say…“OH really? Is that true? I’m so sorry.” Unfortunately it hasn’t happened yet, so I’ve decided the next best thing to yelling at the TV set is to vent my frustrations in this blog. You may see quite a few Sex in the City episodes responses in the future. (Which are obviously 3 years late — but hey better late then never). I hope that’s okay. Please do realize that I am not an idiot and I KNOW the TV show is more concerned with being clever and witty than giving accurate information so I’m not really blaming them but…

Yesterday Charlotte and Tre’s 3 months marriage fell apart because he could not get this penis up and into her vagina for more than a minute. They hadn’t had intercourse since their marriage (3 months) and she was soooooo sexually frustrated. And she kept saying “We can’t have sex.” And I’m yelling at the TV set. “Hey!!! What happened to his hands, his mouth, his toes?? For G-d’s sake, maybe they can’t have intercourse, but they could still have sex. She doesn’t have to be so frustrated. Can’t they figure out other fabulous things to do while they are working out this problem.” No one answered me. Not Charlotte, not Tres, not even Samantha, my usual ally. Sigh. So there it goes again. That equation of sex and intercourse. If fabulous Charlotte and Tres can’t get more creative in their sex life. Is there any hope for us mortals? I certainly hope so.

Listen, please don’t think I’m minimizing intercourse. In most sex lives it’s the central component and give a great deal of pleasure to both (or at least one) party. But hey, that’s like suggesting that the meat and fish is all a meal has to offer. And that’s just sad.

Sigh. I wish Charlotte and Tres had come to see me before they broke up. Then maybe their lavish wedding would not have been for nought.

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