Who’s hot and who’s not.

After nearly 9 years in practice there are some things I can say fairly absolutely. Here’s one: there is absolutely no correlation between looking sexy and being sexy! I can have a woman in my office who any guy would say “oh mg-d she looks soooooo hot…like she’s really into it.” (It may be her body, more likely it’s her clothes, her neckline, her makeup, her hairstyle whatever.)  And that very same woman is as likely as not to look at me and say  “I have no desire, none, nada. I couldn’t care less if I never had sex again…and men think I’m so sexy” Then I get your average soccer mom who is swinging from the chandeliers with her partner. Or one of my favorite patients, a 60 year old cute but average, chubby single women who is currently carrying on an affair with a 30 year old, a 42 year old and her lover of 32 years, a 65 year old pianist. You would never know!! So I suppose in this way, as in others, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover — or it’s cover’s neckline.

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