Find your clitoris.

I was having a conversation with a 72 year old friend of mine. Me: “So, you never thanked me for that vibrator I sent you.” She:”I had no idea what to do with it.” Me: “hey, I sent it with that great book, Sex For One” (the book’s by Betty Dodson, in case any of you want to look for it.) She: “Now how am I supposed to get that big thing inside of me.” Me: (slightly horrified)”Sweetheart, it’s not meant to go inside of you!” (I had given her the Hitachi Magic Wand — for those of you who have seen it, it looks like a BIG microphone for singing divas.) “You’re supposed to put it on your clitoris.” She: “Well how am I supposed to put on it, without going insided.” Me: “Uh… here, let’s pull out a picture.” I was dumbfounded…and maybe a more apt word would be “dumb” — why, oh why, did I assume that just because someone is 72 they know where their clitoris is!!

We need pictures. We need education. We need girlfriends!

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