The Vaginismus Diaries


We’ve seen the power of TikTok to influence the fashion, fitness, and beauty industries but recently it’s also proven to be a powerful force for initiating long overdue conversations about women’s sexual health.

In the last year or two, slowly but surely sexual health influencers are popping up and making waves. 

A platform that was once a space where teenagers created fun dances to popular songs has transformed into the place that many people go to first for information on any and every subject. 

From talking openly about Hormone Therapy like Marcella Hill (you can read about her in a previous blog post) to sharing the ins and outs of Pelvic Floor Therapy – our TikTok for you pages are in many ways the health class that none of us received in school. 

One of our favorite topics that has taken center stage on the women’s sexual health side of TikTok is Vaginismus

Particularly, we’ve become big fans of two pages that showcase what it is like to live and date with Vaginismus; TheVaginismusDiaries and OctoberSky. Both Michaela and Skyler share their personal challenges and triumphs when it comes to navigating Vaginismus for the benefit of other women going through similar struggles. 

After amassing followings of 15,000-30,000 other women with pelvic floor dysfunction and reaching a combined total over 4 million people, these two accounts are helping to normalize this condition that an estimated 10% of women suffer from. 

We are so grateful for their willingness to be authentic and share their stories and highly recommend checking them out.

If you are struggling with painful sex, contact us for a free consult and be sure to check out our Vaginismus forum. 

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