Quarantine and Chill?

There isn’t a single person on the planet whose life hasn’t been affected in some way by the the COVID-19 pandemic (and yes I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it!) Our lives have turned utterly upside down and everyone is struggling, whether in large or small ways.

No matter what your demographic, the struggles are real. Let’s take young adults, just trying to live their best lives and date their best dates. Some are forgoing any IRL experiences, and that’s just fine! Others are turning to dating apps like never before, seeking connection, romance and sex. And anyone who’s a frequent flyer on Hinge, Bumble or Tinder knows that this isn’t always the most desirable way to meet someone. Before the pandemic, you had to worry about all kinds of things – everything from the wording on your profile to protection from pregnancy and STDs. Now, you could be seriously risking your health and that of the people with whom you live if you even so much as get within six feet of a potential partner.

A college student I know recently went on a first date with someone she had been cultivating an online relationship with for several months. She said “we both live with our families, so were very cautious. But it was like a date from the 1800s – we just wanted to hug and kiss hello but we had to put up with a socially distant wave. It really sucked.”
If you live alone, then the choice might be a bit easier. On the other hand, you may not want to risk getting physically close with anyone else right now. And that can result in feelings of defeat and loneliness. Only you can decide what’s best and whether fostering close proximity is worth the risk. The bottom line? This is a super tough period of time, no question. 

While there are no easy answers, this will be over soon. And you’ll be able to get back out there in earnest. For now, stick with what feels comfortable. Prioritize self-compassion, exercise and sleep; maximize your self-love sessions (buy a new toy lately?); connect with others in whatever way best suits you. This way, you’ll come out of this craziness with the strength, resilience and energy ‘Normal Times’ dating requires!

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