The Right Condom Can Make All The Difference

I have been teaching sex education for years, and again and again I would get the same response as to why people don’t wear condoms: “It doesn’t feel the same.”  And indeed they were right.  Wearing condoms during intercourse is not the same as going without. The feelings and sensations are different, however with the right condom it can still feel great and in some cases enhance certain sensations.  There are literally hundreds of condoms out there to choose from and I know it can be overwhelming to pick what will work for you.  Most condoms used to be made of latex or have chemicals one them like nonoxynal-9 that would all irritate the vagina and might even make having sex painful.  There are more and more choices of condoms on the market made of polyurethane or Polyisoprene condoms, which many people describe as having a “more natural feel.” This recent article by New York Magazine rates a few of the top brands and gives a detailed description of how finding the right condom can really make the difference in enjoying sex and being safe at the same time.  It may take a few attempts to find the right condom for you, but I am pretty sure it is out there for you to enjoy.

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