Fifty Shades of Hot Sex

If you felt like the 50 Shades of Grey movie was lacking in content, then you might be interested to hear what happened when a group of female millennials checked out a sex class with a similar topic. This group of women enrolled in “50 Shades of Hot Sex” at Babeland in the SoHo section of New York City. They booked the whole thing through “

The class they took had a BDSM flair, but Babeland has a ton of course offerings. Some examples of other classes they offer are The Art of Mind Blowing Sex Positions for the Bedroom and many other classes all designed to help to improve your sex life .In addition, Babeland is a pretty amazing sex store. It has been women owned since 1993 and is run by female sex educators whose goal is to help you have incredible sex. During the class they serve champagne and raffle off some fun items from the store.

50 Shades of Hot Sex was presented by two teachers who were funny, straight forward and knowledgeable. They demonstrated all kinds of sex toys using props, answered questions and kept the girls laughing the whole time. Mainly, they told the group that 50 Shades of Hot Sex “was a great way to get cultural dialogue started about BDSM.”

Some take away advice about BDSM:

  1. You do not have to be weird or a tortured sole like Christian Grey to be into BDSM
  2. Talk to your partner before trying any of it so they know what you are interested in and what is off limits.
  3. If you are interested in bondage and want to use rope, use a treated rope versus rope that you would get at your local hardware store as treated rope feels and looks much nicer. Babeland sells treated rope.
  4. Spanking can be fun and exciting as some people enjoy the mixture of pain and pleasure. Be sure to practice lightly on your partner on the fatty parts of their body.
  5. Come up with a nonverbal safe cue to use if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of this type of sex. Babeland suggest jingling a set of keys to convey to your partner that you wish them to stop.
  6. If you are planning to play around with BDSM techniques, make sure to make the space around you neutral. If you are in the bedroom, put away laundry or any photos that may be distracting.

All and all, this class seems like a great deal of fun and it may add some creativity to your sex life. I would highly recommend this (and other Babeland courses) to anyone who is bored with missionary sex.

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