Teach your children well.

DC schools to test students’ knowledge of human sexuality, drugs; 1st such exam in country.


An article in the Washington Post says that “District of Columbia public schools are planning to test students on their knowledge of human sexuality, contraception and drug use this spring”. What a great idea. Let’s see if kids are actually absorbing the information we give them? Of course, I may quibble about the information we are giving them…but I pretty much quibble about everything so that’s nothing new…And here’s the real question — do they give them the test every year (even those years when sex isn’t on the syllabus)? They should.

And if the kids score badly, what’s the backup plan? I think dating privileges should be contingent on good scores. You can’t date or go to parties if you score below a 50%. You can stay out later at night if you score above a 90%. That would give parents some interesting leverage, don’t you think. And it would certainly give new meaning to the word “score.”

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