NY Post and kosher sex.

In the New York Post this week there was an article about a new online site selling vibrators to the religious Jewish community. I love to see vibrators in mass media publications; the fact that there was a wide range of opinions discussed in the article from within that community adds even more value. At the Center we see many religious Jews and many of them struggle with issues around their sexuality. Some women feel that exploring their sexuality is wrong for religious reasons. Many feel they must check with their rabbis about what behaviors are acceptable. Luckily some women have rabbis that support them to explore their sexuality in a multitude of ways, but unfortunately not all have that experience. For those women we need to work within the confines of what they are allowed to do.

The site is simple and only carries a few of each kind of product (such as vibrators and lubricants), but it’s a good beginning for couples looking to expand their sexual experiences. It’s a safe place for online anonymous questions (that will be answered by a sex therapist), an aspect I find particularly important for this community where most individuals do not have access to a lot of sex education. I also suggest that if an individual or a couple is having any issues with pain or struggling with any other element of their sexual relationship that they reach out for help. We help many individuals and couples, and believe whole-heartedly that there is no reason to suffer when it comes to sex.

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