A typical second visit.

A few weeks ago, I posted about a typical first visit here at the Medical Center for Female Sexuality. For some, this may have put you at ease knowing what to expect.

So what does a second appointment look like?

Depending on what your initial issue is coming into the medical center, a second appointment typically occurs two weeks after your initial appointment. For some women who are experiencing pain during/before intercourse, you may have a follow up appointment as early as one week. This gives both the sexuality counselor and nurse practitioner time to go over lab work as well as information given during the initial consultation. What is special about the medical center is that we individualize our treatment options per patient. Blood work is explained thoroughly, and treatment options will vary by patient. But we do explore possible hormonal interventions if there is a hormonal deficiency, medical interventions, as well as behavioral modifications.

Sexual dysfunctions can be very frustrating and debilitating for the patient experiencing the symptoms and can cause stress and strain for the patient’s relationships. Take that step and make an appointment to gain further insight into your sexuality.

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