It’s Time For Some Sexual Equality

Female sexual pleasure always seems to take a back seat to male sexual pleasure. We see it here at the center every day: women who are afraid to ask for what they want, women who feel that sex is about the man’s pleasure, men who are willing to pay for help with their sex lives and women who somehow feel that is not legitimate.  We also face the same double standard when we leave our cocoon and speak out in the wider world. And yes, often when we are marketing.

Here is an article about a women’s vibrator company that is taking matters to the next level. Their advertisements were turned down by the MTA, while other, more explicit ads for male sexual products, medications, condoms etc. were accepted. This is an example where the political becomes the personal. Why is it okay to talk about erectile dysfunction, penis size and male birth control, but not talk about women’s vibrators? It’s not.  And we, at Maze, have experienced the same discrimination. It’s time for all of us to say enough is enough!

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