Maze Women's Sexual Health can help patients who live too far away to see us on a regular basis. While we cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions over the phone, we do have three helpful programs for people who contact us from out of our local area.


No sex drive — phone consultation:

I was beside myself. I had gotten married 6 months ago and I just seemed to have no sex drive. Honestly, I didn’t have too much before we got married but it seemed like it got worse when I thought it would get better. My husband was patient, but confused and a little bit hurt.

Someone who moved to my area in Milwaukee had told me she had been a patient of Maze Women’s Sexual Health, but I lived halfway across the country so that did not feel like a practical option. One day I looked up Maze, (mostly for curiosity) and I realized that they had an out of town consultation option. That sounded like a great idea to me. I scheduled the appointment, filled out all the paperwork and faxed it in to Maze.

The phone appointment was great. I spoke with Dr. Marcus who asked me a lot of questions. Some that I wasn’t even expecting. She asked a lot about my general history, past sexual experiences, my current relationship and what medications I was currently using.

She then explained to me what Maze would be checking for if I had come to see them and gave me specific suggestions about how my gynecologist could consider treating me.

A week later I had a 2 page letter in the mail with specific recommendations for a local doctor to use: blood tests to look at, medications to consider if appropriate, some books or DVD’s that could prove helpful.

Luckily I have a really great OB who was truly interested in helping me. She took the letter, actually called Maze to ask a bunch of questions and started treating me.

I really am doing much better now. I can’t say my sex drive is exactly where I want it to be yet, but it’s definitely moving in the right direction.

– MV, Age 24 –

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