We see a clear link between raising low hormone levels and strengthening a woman’s libido, her ability to become aroused, and the quality of her orgasms. Women for whom low hormones play a significant role in their dysfunction can benefit greatly from hormone therapy and may have a hard time being helped without them. 

As with any therapy or treatment, there are both benefits and risks. Hormone therapy is no different. Our team will take the time to explain each of them to you thoroughly. Should you decide on hormone therapy, we’ll then monitor you on an ongoing basis to make sure levels are comfortable and effective for your individual case, and that you’re not having any side effects. We’ll even provide guidance to you every step of the way within the context of your lifestyle and current relationship.


My Maze treatment is like a fountain of youth!

I came to Maze Women’s Health after a multi-year struggle with my health. I saw internists, gynecologists and cardiologists and no one understood my symptoms or offered solutions. I was tired, light headed, my heart was racing, I wasn’t myself in the gym, intimacy with my husband was extremely painful, and my blood pressure went from low to high.

Then after doing a lot of online research, I realized that everything I was experiencing was likely related to menopause. I came to Maze and was so relieved to hear that I wasn’t crazy and that there were solutions. The Maze team was so knowledgeable, helpful and kind, especially Melissa, who has become one of my most trusted health care providers.

Prior to coming to Maze I thought that post menopause life was going to be pretty dreary but not so. I have my life back!

– N, NY, Age 63 –

Menopause at the age of 39. Now 45 years old and I finally found the treatment that I needed!

At 45 years old I finally found the treatment that I need!  After years of living with undiagnosed hormone imbalances and unsuccessful infertility treatments, I found myself in Menopause at the age of 39.  My symptoms included hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, low libido and increased levels of anxiety.  I tried several alternative treatments but with no success I decided to try the bio-identical hormones that I began reading about through my research.

After seeking treatment with several doctors who didn’t get it quite right, I finally found Tara and Bat Sheva at Maze Women’s Health. I cannot thank them enough!  After the first week of treatment my hot flashes were completely gone and I began sleeping through the night.  It has been a year now and with the new addition of the testosterone pellet in my treatment plan, life just got even better!

– K, Age 45 –

Hormone treatment after illness put me into menopause.

I saw an article in Redbook featuring your medical center and kept reading this article over and over, until one day I decided to call. I had a severe medical illness that put me into full menopause. I am 46 years old. I had a bone marrow transplant 3 years ago, I had a-plastic anemia and was given 3 weeks to live without the transplant. I am 3 years out and healthy but I am in menopause and thought no doctor could help me; that was until I saw your article.

About 3 weeks ago I saw Rachel and Cathleen in the Great Neck office. I had no idea what to expect or know what was going to happen at my visit. I researched your practice online but still wasn’t sure.

My husband and I went together to the visit. First I saw Rachel, who was amazing. She talked with me for a while and asked me questions and she was so kind, unassuming and non-judgmental. I have been to numerous doctors so I brought a package of blood results with me. Then I saw Cathleen who gave me an examination and also spoke to me, she was so kind and caring. We spoke about my options since I had a comprehensive blood work with me I was able to get started on my plan of action that day.

We then brought my husband in and we went over all of this with him. Rachel was so sensitive while talking to the both of us. Both Rachel and Cathleen really get it and understand where we are coming from. They are so gentle! I was amazed at my visit. I was prescribed testosterone gel.

I had some questions so I called my team Rachel and Cathleen. They both got right back to me and were so helpful. I am so happy I came to the center. You guys understand what women are going through!!!

I saw my gynecologist and brought her all the info on your center. I told her all about my visit and what medication I was given. She was so happy that a place like this existed on Long Island!

I just want to tell you that my experience with Rachel and Cathleen has been outstanding, and I am so looking forward seeing them again. My husband is on board with this as well. He feels so comfortable talking to both Rachel and Cathleen.

– A, CT, Age 46 –

Low libido, lack of energy, vaginal dryness and painful sex:

I was really depressed by the time I came to Maze Women’s Sexual Health. I had been suffering from lack of libido, lack of energy, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse for years and I felt like there was nothing going on with me sexually. Things weren’t going well with me and my husband, but I just didn’t know where to turn or how to fix it.

I was desperately searching for help. I found discussions of hormone replacement on the Internet, but it wasn’t a treatment my medical practice was comfortable with. I found The Women’s Center on the Internet and got a referral from my physician. I have to be honest; I didn’t go with a whole lot of confidence.

During the initial appointment, I met with Bat Sheva and Melissa and the first thing they told me was that I was totally normal! Perhaps the worst part for me was that I had been feeling all alone, like I was strange and unusual. Bat Sheva and Melissa told me that there were many people like me and it was common to lose your libido after the birth of a child.

They talked about my medication and told me that sometimes antidepressants can affect libido. They also performed a number of blood tests and discovered my hormones were low so they started me with a couple of different hormones. Bat Sheva suggested a number of books that might be helpful.

I tried Levitra and Viagra, but they didn’t help at all. In the end, the hormones made the difference for me. The healthcare professionals at Maze also helped me see that there were other options for treating my depression. I really see the work I have done with them over the past three years as an entire journey. Together we looked for a group of solutions (some medical, some having more to do with my relationship) that would work.

Now I have lots of energy and lots of interest in sex. I feel as normal as I have felt in years-since before I had kids. I feel better about my body. Maze opened me up to be more confident. I can have confidence in sex. For a long time I felt like I was not normal. I can’t tell you how great it feels to be normal again!

– J, NY, Age 36 –

11 years of marriage and low libido — Hormone Replacement Therapy:

I had been married for 11 years and I realized that my libido was very low. It was becoming rarer and rarer for my husband and me to have sex. It bothered him. It certainly bothered me and it was beginning to seriously affect our relationship. We saw a marriage counselor and she recommended that I visit Maze Women’s Sexual Health as she thought there might be a biological reason for my lack of desire. Turns out she was right!

For my first visit to Maze, I sat down with Bat Sheva and Melissa who gave me their undivided attention. We talked about how I was feeling; they took a total inventory of my sexual history and my life. Bat Sheva said it would help to see if there were any environmental issues contributing to the problems. After we sat down together, Melissa drew blood and performed a complete physical exam.

Two weeks after my appointment, I went back and that is when the real work started. My hormones that control desire were very low. Bat Sheva and Melissa felt that was the main contributor to my low desire and spelled out two possible courses of action and positioned the choice as completely voluntary. They explained the benefits and possible side effects of each potential treatment and left the final decision up to me. The treatment plan we chose together was a topical hormone cream coupled with an antidepressant. Melissa and Bat Sheva were wholeheartedly behind this solution. I felt educated about my options and not pressured in any way.

I had my next appointment a month later and was disappointed since I felt as if none of the medication was having any effect. We made some adjustments to the medications and that seemed to be the change I needed. I cannot believe how much better I am feeling in general. My mood and desire are enhanced. I am more optimistic and positive, and the best news is that my husband and I are having sex again.

Until I came to Maze Women’s Sexual Health I never would have believed that there was a medical solution to my problems. Throughout the entire process I felt like Melissa and Bat Sheva were my friends as well as my doctors. They have saved me and saved my marriage.

– K, CT, Age 45 –

Hormone Replacement Therapy for low libido:

I found the Maze Women’s Sexual Health website and came here for low libido problems. I had let things go for a long time, and my relationship with my boyfriend was becoming strained.

I was very impressed by the personalized, individualized attention I received. The professionals at the center sat down and really took the time to talk to me. I had never had that experience at a doctor’s office before. The first thing I did was complete a survey and provide demographic information. I waited an extremely brief amount of time before they were able to see me. I met with the Clinical Director and described my problem and how it was affecting my life and my relationship.

When my lab results came back, they prescribed hormones and other medications. They sat down with me to discuss any side effects and any possible drug interactions. They even gave me reading materials about the different medications.

I am still going back to Maze for adjustments to my medication, but it is a total change from a year ago. The specialists at the women’s center tailored a plan to suit my lifestyle.

I had been on birth control for years and it zapped my hormones. My body was not producing any testosterone. The Assistant Clinical Director was able to pick apart what was happening with my body and identify a solution. She suggested I stop taking the pill, but I was afraid that my body would react badly. I did eventually decide to stop taking the pill, but it was completely my decision.

I was so comfortable working with the staff at Maze. They were easy to speak to and made every effort to understand and treat my problem.

– N, NJ, Age 26 –

Low desire — depression:

I had suffered from depression and was taking antidepressants for many years. As a result, I had no desire for sex or my husband. This had been an issue in my marriage for a long time.

After addressing the issues with depression, I decided to address the issue of my sexual desire. I spoke with a sex therapist for months and it had no effect.

I was searching on the Internet and I found Maze Women’s Sexual Health. I called and explained what I was looking for. The person I spoke with said they had a program going to see if an experimental treatment would work. I wanted to get involved so I made an appointment.

The first appointment was like an interview. I explained where I was and was told that Maze was doing a study for women with sexual issues. They collected a lot of information and did some blood tests. Even though I wasn’t appropriate for the particular study going on at the time, I continued to work with Maze.

The first thing they did was try to work with my other doctors regarding lowering my antidepressant dosage. I started out with different hormones. I went back every six weeks while they monitored my progress. The first month was a success. My body grabbed onto the hormones and there were very good changes right away. After two months, the hormones dropped again. My desire dropped. I continued to take the hormones. It took a while to get everything stabilized.

Now, I have a fairly decent sex drive. There is still a way to go, but it has improved a lot.

One of the best things about Maze Women’s Sexual Health was that my treatment was individually geared. It was geared to my specific situation and where I was at the time. I was offered a number of different options and ideas and worked with the professionals to find the one that was the best fit. They also offered different books and other helpful material.

Working with Maze is a really positive experience. I received a lot more information about my treatment and experiences than from any other place. I liked how the approach was based on my individual needs.

– C, CT, Age 49 –

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