Give yourself a break — try Vaginismus Treatment Under Anesthesia.

We have many women who come here for the treatment of vaginismus. They can’t achieve vaginal penetration and are often experiencing devastating effects on their self-esteem as well as on their relationships. Vaginismus is usually some combination of tight muscles and fear (or even panic) resulting from the pain the women have experienced when they’ve tried to have intercourse. It can be really scary, overwhelming, and make a woman feel awful about herself.

For many women using vaginal dilators and/or physical therapy works wonders. With the right amount of support, expertise, and encouragement they do wonderfully. But there are always some women for whom the pain, or the fear of the pain, is just too much. So they avoid getting help. I remember one patient we treated a few years ago who was trying to put in a dilator. She sat up on the exam table and with tears welling up in her eyes she said, “There has to be another way…there just HAS to be!”

Well, if that’s you, please don’t avoid us! There IS another way!

It’s specifically for these cases that we’ve started to use intravaginal injections. It takes so much of the fear and the anxiety out of the process. And it jump starts the dilation process. It means that under sedation, medication is injected into the vaginal muscles and a dilator is inserted into the vagina. When the patient “wakes up”, voila, she has a dilator inside of her. She feels no pain and finally has a sense that YES, she can do it! It helps so many women over those very first hurdles.

So, if you have been putting off dealing with vaginismus, give yourself a break. Call us to discuss the Vaginismus Treatment Under Anesthesia option. I know you’d like to believe this will all go away by itself, but the problem is not going to go away on its own, so come see us.

Let us help you.

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