GGG: Good, Giving, Game – Aren’t we All?

A young female patient of mine has started head first into the world of online dating. Besides the usual ups and downs of navigating that ever-changing landscape, she also had some questions and confusion on what some of the terms individuals use to describe themselves (in her case she is interested in heterosexual men).  She was particularly interested in talking about the acronym “GGG” that many men use to describe themselves.   Even after googling and learning that it stands for “Good, Giving, and Game,” she was even more confused. 

The acronym was coined by popular sex columnist Dan Save about five years ago to help describe the “ideal sex partner.” In more detail GGG is explained as “Good”- meaning you have put thought and time into learning sexual skills and techniques; “Giving”- meaning that you want to give pleasure; “Game” meaning that you are up for trying almost anything (or at least opened to being asked).  What confused my patient is that, isn’t that how everyone should be”?  Don’t most people want to not only receive pleasure, but give it. Being “good” is relative, but being open to learning should be a given, right? As should being able to ask a partner to try something “out of the ordinary?” Of course, they have the right to say no, but a partner should not be afraid to ask. 

In talking with my patient, we both agreed that sadly that is not always the case, and while it might seem odd to describe yourself as “GGG” it is probably a good thing for a dating website.  These individuals are actively saying they are interested in a healthy sex life, so if you are on the world of on-line dating, GGG is probably a good sign. A cocktail has even been named the GGG, (Gin Ginger Gimlet) so give it a try next time you order a drink, and see if it sparks any interesting conversations.             

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