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    Hi there, perhaps one of your doctors can help us out. I’ve recently received the OK from my PT to start having PIV sex. However, each time when we’re trying to do so, my husband ends up with a premature ejaculation. And I really mean premature – I’m not even touching his penis and sometimes he’s even still fully dressed. I was wondering if this is normal and how we can prevent this from happening? He never had this when PIV contact was out of the question.


    Hi esmeralda – if you look around the forums you’ll see that this is a VERY common problem when it’s time for couples to transition to intercourse. Since so much time is usually spent on the woman’s development of being able to achieve penetration and their male partners often are not used to that possibility being on the table, the very prospect of it can overexcite men to the point of premature ejaculation.

    The first thing to try may be just attempting sex more frequently or having your partner masturbate a few hours before you try to have intercourse (this will be an experiment for a little while to see what works). This is usually a temporary state of affairs and passes with time, so just keep at it and let us know what you’ve tried!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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