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    Hi all. I’ve posted before after a failed first Botox procedure elsewhere. I have done a procedure with the same doctor again, just 5 days ago. I’ve made great progress with the dilators, waking up with #5 definitely helped me make the connection that I can do this! I sleep with #4 of the Pure Romance every night and try to dilate for at least two hours with the #5. Is it normal to experience burning or itching around those entry muscles? Sometimes it feels really horrible and I have to just push past it. I use coconut oil, surgilube, lidocaine jelly, and slippery stuff and nothing seems to stop that burning. Does it go away with time? It disappears once the dilator is in but it’s horrible putting them in and taking them out! Thank you.


    Hello 21V,
    Yes, it is normal to have burning after the procedure. However, how long it will last really depends on each individual person, but since you are not even a week past your surgery that is totally normal. But please do follow up with the doctor that gave you the botox as they should also look at the vaginal tissue and work with you to ensure success.


    Good job so far with the dilating, 21withV! I’m the non-doctor here, but I can say that discomfort and burning are pretty normal as the muscles are newly stretching in ways they haven’t had to before. I would pay attention to whether the burning persists when you’ve been using the same size dilator for a long time, because usually as you get more used to a certain size you feel less irritation. I hope it ceases soon!


    Hello 21V,

    That is great to hear. I know how frustrating this process can be, but so happy to hear how well you are doing!
    Take good care!


    21withV –

    Any updates with your progress? I’m so glad things are going better with the dilators this time.

    I agree that burning/a bit of pain is normal with the dilators. You are using them a lot and your body isn’t used to the penetration. It should subside with time, but you may feel some pain when you move up in dilator size.

    Keep us updated!


    Sks823 & everyone else!-

    Dilating has gone great! I have been able to have successful intercourse 3 times, but it is definitely a learning curve. The first time we attempted was horribly painful, but the 3 times after that were actually pleasurable! I haven’t dilated with the 6th dilator yet, and I think being able to use that one comfortable would help significantly with comfort during sex. Finding the right position is hard. Woman on top has worked the best, but we were able to do doggie style once as well. I find it interesting that I can dilate basically in missionary position but it is the most painful by far for sex for me. Any other suggestions for positions that don’t hurt?? I sleep with the 5th dilator every night and try to dilate with it for two hours before going to sleep. Some days I feel extra sore so I sleep with the 4th one, and it is always better the next day.

    If you are thinking of doing the procedure with a doctor outside of the maze clinic, bring in one of Dr. Pacik’s clinical articles and ask them to replicate the procedure. Doing it the second time around and waking up with the dilator has made more difference for me than the Botox I believe, though it has given me an extra boost. My doctor was great and was very intrigued by Dr. Pacik’s methods and followed it to a tee. I don’t think Botox by itself is really enough if you haven’t had a lot of success dilating prior to getting the injections. Best of luck to everyone! Thanks for following up with me, sending love & hope to all suffering from this condition!


    21withV, HUGE congrats on being able to achieve intercourse!!! This is a huge milestone and you should be so proud of yourself. I’m really glad to hear it’s gotten more comfortable over time – this is very normal for it to feel like a chore at first and then get more enjoyable as time goes on. I found that woman on top was by far the easiest when starting off (and for me doggy was the hardest). If you’re finding one position easier than others, one good way to get more comfortable changing things up is by starting in the position that’s most comfortable and then, once you’re warmed up, switching to something like missionary so you can get used to the sensation but it isn’t the first move you’re trying. Congratulations again and I hope your progress continues to skyrocket!


    Hi there ,

    I started the process a little over a month ago. I’ve been dilating ever since. I was progressing pretty well until i got to the M+ and then the L dilators. They still don’t feel very comfortable. But is it me or some days is so easy .. almost no pain at the entrance or discomfort once inside.. then the next day I would do the same and feel a terrible stinging and burning sensation? I have to remove it, put a lot more coconut oil and try again.. sometimes after the second or third time reinserting it feels better and the pain almost dissapears… is this normal!!


    hi Jay2014,
    It is very common for patients to experience a little slow down in progress when they get to the Medium + or Large dilators. And is also quite common for some days to be easier than other days – some patients feel that dilation is more challenging when they are having their period or have had an emotionally stressful or draining day. Definitely a good idea to add more lubrication to the dilator and take your time with dilation on those more challenging days. I usually recommend doing the dilator insertion with the exhale; that seems to help some patients also. Keep up the good work!

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