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    Hey everyone! This is Noa from the Tight Lipped Podcast.

    I’m excited to let you all know that we’re hosting a workshop at Maze over the weekend of November 9-10! The workshop is for people with vaginismus, vulvodynia and any kind of vulvar or vaginal pain condition – and pelvic floor dysfunction. It will be a chance for people to come together, talk openly about their experiences, break down the stigma and shame that we often associate with these experiences and learn about the deeper systemic issues that surround this pain. So many of the conversations about this private kind of pain take place on anonymous or “underground” platforms — and I’ve found that it’s really powerful when people with similar stories can meet in person and feel safe and comfortable to talk honestly.

    There are a few spots left and I’d love to have some of you there if you’re able to make it. You can register here and reach out here (or by email at with any questions or concerns!


    Very cool, Noa! I’d definitely go if I was still living in NYC. Let us know how the gathering goes!


    We’re so thrilled that you are hosting your workshop here at Maze, NoaDaphne! Creating community is powerful, especially when it centers around shared experiences that – as you expressed – are often held in isolation. Thanks so much for all you do!


    So glad that you are creating an environment where women can feel safe and supported as they share their personal experiences with vulvar and vaginal pain. It is much more common than women tend to think; opening up the conversation about vulvar and vaginal pain is important on so many levels: sharing resources, receiving support, and educating women who may be suffering about their options.
    Knowing that you’re not alone can be incredibly healing; thanks for creating the space for that to occur.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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