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    Hi all. When a woman is newly diagnosed with vaginismus, various treatment options are discussed. Most of the treatment modalities (i.e. Botox, Pelvic Floor PT, etc.) always incorporate the use of vaginal dilators. In thinking about this further, why are they suggested? I have zero medical training and do not know the medical reason why but I know that they did personally help me both physically as well as mentally in my own journey of overcoming vaginismus. Physically, they worked immediately to stretch the muscles to the point that intercourse did not hurt at all and there was no burning pain. Mentally, I felt no anxiety with intercourse after using the dilators b/c I had a sense of security that I was so well stretched and it would cause no pain at all which it did not. How have using the dilators helped you in your journey of overcoming vaginismus?


    Dilators are just one of the treatments that we use for vaginismus. They work extremely well. If you are suffering from vaginismus, you should definitely make an appointment to figure out what treatment option is best for you!


    Agree with Cathleen. Dilators do work well when they are indicated for the treatment of vaginismus. Sometimes dilation alone works but other times other treatments such as pelvic floor PT needs to be added to the treatment plan. I also find that adding vaginal valium along with dilation can make dilation a bit easier.


    This is an interesting topic Aimee in regards to adding the vaginal valium along with dilation. I saw Melissa post about this in the past as well and think it could be so helpful. I had the Botox treatment and used a prescription Lidocaine mixed with surgilube post-procedure and this helped me so, so, so much with using the larger dilators. Whenever I felt any soreness, coating the dilators with this combo worked great!!!


    I really like how you use the words “sense of security” when talking about how dilation. It really is so much more than just sticking up dilators. It’s about restoring confidence in your body’s ability to show up for you in the way you want it to, and a sense of security that you can have intercourse with a partner without fear.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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