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    Hi all. In an excellent recent post, a Forum member wrote about the topic of embarrassment when it comes to speaking about vaginismus. I felt like this too while in my 20s and found it very hard to talk about. I loved what Dr. Pacik and Melissa at Maze Women’s Sexual Health wrote in their replies. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about…you have a medical problem that CAN be treated and you are NOT alone.” If a patient has considerable anxiety about making the first call to the office, what is the free 10 minute phone consultation for vaginismus like with the Maze group? Knowledge is power and the more information one has, the less nervous they will feel and the more prepared they will be.


    This is a good question! My first call was a blur, honestly – dialing that number was an extremely scary step and I was filled with blind panic as the phone was ringing. I think this step is the hardest for a lot of women with vaginismus for several reasons: for one thing, you’re finally owning that you have a problem you desperately want to solve (something I was in denial about for quite awhile) and because you know that by making the call you are setting yourself up for a lot of emotional work ahead. This makes it hard for so many women to take this first step.

    BUT – the thing I most remember about this call is that for the first time in my life I felt understood by a medical professional about my vaginismus, and it happened so instantly. I’d had failed pap smears with nurses and doctors and tried to explain the problem to many people who were confused or unsympathetic, and it had only added to my shame. But the people at Maze got me, knew what I was up against, and how to make me feel like there was a team waiting for me.

    Anyone at all who’s thinking about it should make this call – believe me when I say that knowing there are doctors out there who understand you and don’t find you weak for suffering from vaginismus gives you so much strength in beating it.


    We do “get it” here at Maze. We know what you are going through. We know the struggles you have faced. We have seen it all, and we are here to help!!

    Making the call is the first step, and it can be scary, but it will be so worth it.


    Hi everyone – its been a while since we revisited the “10 minute phone consult”. Vaginismus is not something to be ashamed of, and we at Maze are here to make you feel comfortable. Our providers are all expertly trained clinicians, and confident that we can help. If you are someone who is considering reaching out, please do pick up the phone and make that call. There is literally NOTHING you can tell us that will surprise us or shock us!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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