What happens after the Botox treatment program?

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    Hi all. In the past, there have been some posts and stories about failed Botox treatments for vaginismus at other clinics and locations. For example, in Julisa’s story, it was noted “this patient lives on one of the Caribbean islands and failed to make any progress with two sets of Botox injections. After her treatment, she was not instructed in the use of dilators and given no follow-up support.” This is so, so very sad and emphasizes the importance of aftercare communication and support. One of the key components that helped me to personally succeed and transition from using dilators to intercourse and also to be able to have successful ob/gyn exams was to be in regular contact with Dr. Pacik and Ellen via email and/or phone and to talk through all of these concerns/issues. Their advice and caring was invaluable post-procedure. Recently, in an excellent post, Dr.BatSheva wrote: “[i]t’s not clear to me where you did the botox treatment, but the practitioners should be working with you and NOT telling you its all in your head. You should be in regular contact with them…” It’s so nice to also have this excellent group of practitioners who realize how important post-procedure follow-up and care is and they will work with you way after your Botox treatment program in the office. To those who received the Botox treatment program either from Dr. Pacik or Maze Women’s Sexual Health, how has post-procedure follow up care and support helped you?

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