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    Hi all. I just viewed one of the many powerful stories available on Plastic Surgery PA site and think it’s a must read for the girls who will be treated coming up in June as well as anyone considering treatment. I would love your feedback and comments after reading.

    An abbreviated version of Wendy’s Story:

    “I contacted Gloria at Dr. Pacik’s office and she explained the procedure and sent over some wonderful info for us to read. We even got a call from Dr. Pacik wanting to answer any concerns and just to develop a relationship with us before we came to get the procedure. I even got to speak with his wonderful & beautiful wife Janet. It was truly a family atmosphere once we walked in the doors. The nurses, secretaries, doctors & facility were so pleasant that I hated to leave. I couldn’t believe this was a doctor’s office with warm heated blankets and all.

    The procedure went so smooth and they held my hand all the way. I remember going under anesthesia and waking up to light bulb moment. You see while I was under they inserted a dilator (coated with a numbing lubricant) in me so that when I woke up I could physically see that sex is possible and that I am okay. It truly changed my perception of sex & the idea that sex is meant to be pleasurable not painful. The 3 days we were in NH was practicing with the dilators as the nurses and doctors coaxed us through the process. I had success immediately and was able to insert the dilator in myself. That was a huge triumph. Using the dilators really helps to work & retrain those muscles. I was the one in the driver seat for once and Vaginismus was under my control, how empowering!

    It has been a few weeks and like anything practice makes perfect love making. I am able to insert the pink dilator in (second to largest) with no problem; me and my husband are intimate everyday and have been able to get the tip of the penis in with no problem. We are taking it slow because we have a life time together and know that perfect moment will come. But no longer am I hesitant, fearful or hopeless about the future. I am officially cured; trust me the thought of a cure at first seemed so far fetched. Now I know that this is just the beginning of our new marriage & life together as husband and wife. We feel like newlyweds and I feel like a woman, for the first time in my life. The confident woman that was hidden in the Vaginismus shadows for so many years is back & here to stay.

    Just wanted to give some encouragement. Me & my husband had sex today for the first time, pain free & enjoyable. Making love with my husband is such a wonderful gift from God. I hope you decide to get the procedure and can’t wait to hear your success story. Yeah!! I am officially cured & feel like a new woman ready for anything the world has in store for me. All thanks to pray, support and Dr. Pacik’s wonderful & caring team :)”

    Janet Pacik

    Heather34, thank you for posting this story. It truly is a wonderful success story. I, too, urge all of our patients scheduled for June, July and August to read this story and post your feedback here.


    This is AMAZINGly encouraging! 🙂 I had my first day of treatment today 🙂 And am encouraged already, and so hopeful about the “next step” having sec with my husband 🙂 It makes me so happy to hear of your wonderful outcome and accomplishment! I sure hope I will be posting my sucess story soon too!


    Hi Meghan! Huge CONGRATS on having your procedure today! This is so, so, so wonderful. Please know we are all here for you. Sending huge hugs and positive thoughts your way!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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