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    I’ve been dealing with vaginismus and vulvodynia for about 8 years now band I just started getting treatment about a year ago for both. I bought a set of 6 dilators about 7 months ago and I’m currently on my 4th dilator. Progress is a bit slow on that dilator but I’m trying not to rush myself. I got the dilator about 3/4th in last night which I’m happy about even though it was a struggle. But I am experiencing a lot of soreness today and it also hurts a little to sit. I’m wondering if this is a normal part of the progress.


    I think that if you’re significantly sore the next day you might be pushing it a little too hard. When I’ve been able to make good progress, slight soreness is common (and I will say – it’s more uncomfortable than the soreness from working out other muscles, because it has more of a “stinging”/”throbbing” element to it). But usually any time I’ve been more sore than that was a result of pushing my body too much (e.g., medical exam, trying to have sex when I wasn’t ready). Dilation should be pretty gentle and slow, while still uncomfortable in the moment. If you’re seeing a medical professional or PT it might be helpful to discuss with them how sore you’re getting or how much you should be “pushing” with the dilators. Congrats on your progress!


    Good advice from SexlessInSeattle! I’d agree that if you’re feeling a ton of soreness the next day you may have gone a bit too fast. If you want to get REALLY used to a size before you move up to the next one, you might try sleeping with a dilator in. This can really be effective (I struggled with it personally because I’m normally a stomach sleeper which didn’t really work with a dilator in, but a lot of women do that and like that it gives them so much passive dilation time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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