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    Hello! I was wondering if there was anything really small (size of a suppository) in the realm of dilators? I had success for the second time inserting a suppository (YEAH!!!) and was wondering if there was something like that I could try? Thanks in advance!


    Do you have the pure romance kit? The smallest dilator in there could work?

    What about a plunger with lube like the plunger that comes with the vaginal medicine kits?

    The only other thing (non medical dilator) I can think of is the tube of the smallest sized pearl tampon? I say the pearl because they are the most comfortable. With lube of course.

    Of course not with the tampon if you are just experimenting as I don’t know your condition but wouldn’t want you to get it stuck! (Smile)

    Good grief! SMH

    Isn’t this the most frustrating condition? Most don’t understand it~

    I hope you can progress! Good luck!! I will be routing for ya!


    I do not have the Romance kit – this “progress” with the suppository is just so new – I will try your other suggestions – unfortunately I threw out the plunger since I got so frustrated trying to use it! Thanks for being so kind – you are right, there isn’t hardly anyone that understands! But since I’ve discovered this forum, I don’t fee so alone. Thanks again 🙂


    Ask the office for my contact info!

    If you want to give this the “old fashioned college try” I would be happy to send you the smallest dilator from my kit. (Never used!)

    Rather than you having to buy the whole kit. Let me know if you’d like me to mail it discreetly to you.

    Good Luck with your journey of course!!

    23 years…

    Dr. Pacik

    I have a few thoughts about this thread:

    Although any type of penetration may be monumental for women with severe vaginismus, one still needs to progress to the largest (#5 and/or 6) to be able to achieve intercourse. I have patients who have been in physical therapy for years, unable to get past #3 or 4 and are unable to achieve intercourse. They do fine after my treatment which then allows them to progress to the larger dilators.

    I also have concerns about sharing dilators. Some viruses may be difficult to eradicate. We always use new Pure Romance silicone dilators and always autoclave glass dilators before distribution.

    In the end, if intercourse is the desired outcome, one needs a more complete program to be successful. Thoughts from the others?


    Dr Pacik

    I totally agree with most of what you’ve said. I don’t know this woman’s history in detail, whether she is planning on going to see you or not, whether she can afford to do so or not, etc.

    My offering to send her something medical was not done out of ignorance but rather sensitivity. There would be no threat at all of viruses and I would never offer something up negligently.

    That being said, I am 110% in support of this woman making her way to your office. I am extremely confident she won’t progress beyond a certain point without the Botox. However, each of us must be ready, in our own time, in our own ways.

    So my extending an offer was to really not balk someone’s system but to show support, keep her around long enough that she learns the future rests on being able to have the medical intervention that will allow her to eventually progress to a #5/6 and intercourse if that is what she desires.

    I’m very happy she is brave enough to post here. I hope in the end if she has not yet seen you, she will.

    That being said, I went out on a limb but I would do it again if it meant helping someone’s emotional readiness to face the most challenging journey toward overcoming.

    We all deserve that!!
    Ps. You know you ROCK!


    Hi Klh,

    Just wanted to throw my input out there! Years ago (long before I found Dr. Pacik!) I got a set of pediatric dilators from my OBGYN’s office. They started out pretty tiny, so that might be something you could also look into. I will say, I completely agree with Dr. Pacik that for many women it can be hard to progress past a certain size dilator. I was able to get a #4 size dilator in before procedure it was just INCREDIBLY painful and hard to insert, and I could not get it in consistently or move past it. And even that took me YEARS to progress from no penetration being possible at all to a q-tip and then up to the #4, and like I said, it still wasn’t even a successful thing. All of that being said, there are some women who are able to progress using just dilators (and no botox treatment), but I think a lot of it depends on the severity of your Vaginismus. I would definitely recommend touching base with Dr. Pacik, maybe filling out the forms and seeing what level he would rate your vaginismus and what his advice would be, specifically for your case. We all just want to see you be successful! Hope this helps in someway. 🙂

    Quote from klh on July 23, 2014, 08:10
    You are right, there isn’t hardly anyone that understands! But since I’ve discovered this forum, I don’t fee so alone. 🙂

    This is so, so wonderful klh. Please know that you are not alone with any of what you are currently going through and we are all here for you. The progress you made with insertion is excellent. I tried for many years to go through the workbook from and insert the dilators, a slim tampon, and even a q-tip and never could. My husband, too, tried to even insert his smallest finger and it just wouldn’t work without the burning pain/hitting a wall feeling. After working with Dr. Pacik, it has been like night and day. I went from never being able to even insert a thing as I indicated to dilating with the largest sized dilators and later having pain-free intercourse. Please, please know that I am here for you 100%! Sending you hugs!!!


    Thank you all SO much for your input!! It is amazing how many people answered and care!

    To 23years, I would love to try the dilator you offered. I just don’t want to cause any trouble for anyone.
    I contacted my ob/gyn to ask about tiny dilators and I am waiting to hear back from them. I also told them about Dr. Pacik and the procedure and counseling he offers..

    And Heather – I appreciate you telling me about you doing the workbook from – I had seen that and wondered if that was something I should try but was terribly scared I’d order it and not be able to use it.

    Dr. Pacik I just want to say by having this forum/website and doing the Botox treatment – it has given me a little bit of hope. I have no idea if I could ever come to you but I thank you for giving so many women hope and healing!! To find a doctor that understands this problem has been a real uphill battle for me. No woman should have to suffer in silence and because of you many women are finding the support that wasn’t there 30 years ago. So thank you! That sounds so inadequate but it is sincere.

    Thanks again and I sincerely appreciate all the support!

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