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    So on a hunch last week, I ordered a kneeling chair to see if it would be easier to sit in while dilating. It was this one, in fact:

    It came in today and my boyfriend and I put it together this evening. I have to say that this works soo much better than sitting in a regular chair! I can actually sit upright without too much added discomfort. As I get some more use out of it, I’ll update this thread with any other discoveries, positive and negative about this kind of chair. It is a little bit of an investment, but so far, it’s working pretty well.


    Wow Vashalla. This looks neat and like a good investment. I wish I could use this at work as I dilate in advance of ob/gyn appointments and they are always late in the day. Now that you’re further along in using it, do you find it comfortable and would you recommend it for others??


    I think I can confidently recommend it to others at this point. The way that’s been the most comfortable sitting on this chair is with my knees on the knee rest, and then the back of my butt kind of resting against the front side of the top cushion, rather than trying to sit on top of the top cushion. I’m not sure if I’m describing that very well. I basically use it so that I don’t have to put weight directly on my butt. It’s not something that I’d want to sit in like that for really long periods of time, but it works for eating dinner and surfing the net for a little bit at the very least. Of course, it’s always good to get up and stretch your legs once in a while no matter what kind of chair you have.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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