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    Hi all. One of Dr. Pacik’s adages post-procedure includes the statement “you have to catch up emotionally to where you are physically” which couldn’t be more true. In a recent post concerning book recommendations, I noted that my husband and I have read Tammy Nelson’s two books, The New Monogamy and Getting the Sex You Want. Both were excellent and we would highly recommend them to other couples.

    Dr. Pacik has written the following concerning the books: “Once vaginismus patients have been treated with the Botox program, many go on to successful pain-free intercourse. Yet even in these successful patients, there may be considerable work that needs to be done dealing with feelings of self worth, continued fear and anxiety, and a feeling of loss of balance in the relationship. It takes time for the libido to recover and begin functioning more normally. It is well documented in my continued follow-up of my patients that relationships can begin to function more normally, but it often takes time and some effort. The exercises outlined by Tammy Nelson will make this process easier and less time consuming. The exercises can be fun in that you learn so much about your partner that you had no idea about. There may be recommendations that do not fit; this too is acceptable, and part of anyone’s filtering system.”

    Dr. Pacik has further written extensively on the benefits of post-procedure counseling. I would encourage everyone to read this article: “Sexuality is central to one’s personal identity; pain of any kind experienced during sexuality affects self-identity. After physical pain has stopped and normal physiological function can begin, lack of positive sexual experience, self -esteem issues, and awkward or scary feelings inhibiting sexuality do not necessarily disappear along with the pain. Women with vaginismus and their partners often experience anxiety, depression, deep feelings of rejection, doubt in themselves and in the relationship, guilt, and lack of trust. A qualified sexuality counselor with additional current information on vaginismus treatment is very helpful to healing the woman, her partner, and their relationship…”

    In exploring all of this a bit further, I discovered that the author of the two books mentioned, Dr. Tammy Nelson, offers both One-Time Couples Intensive Sex-Therapy (see description below) as well as Couples Retreats (see below). I think the retreat to Mexico in March looks unbelievably amazing and fun and also may be a great a way to strengthen our marriage and intimacy even further post-vaginismus.

    Couples Intensives

    Need help from an expert? No time for weekly therapy? Marriage in a crisis? Explore an in intensive…

    Resolve conflict, work through affairs, increase sexual intimacy, improve communication in your relationship.

    What is a Couples’ Intensive?
    Similar to a couples’ workshop, Intensives are private sessions for just the two of you. Come for one day, two days, or for a weekend and experience an in-depth intervention…that can last a lifetime.

    Working privately with a PhD Board Certified, Master level, Expert therapist, you will experience the same benefits of a weekend couples’ workshop, with the direct focus on your personal issues. An Intensive can create dramatic and long lasting shifts in your relationship.

    We can focus on special issues and conflicts in an Intensive such as:
    •Communication and Conflict Repair
    •Intimacy and Connection
    •Emotional Closeness and Passion
    •Sexual Desire Issues
    •ReSexualizing Relationships
    •Create your Own Intensive – Set your own Intentions and let’s create it together!

    Couples Retreat in Mexico March 2014

    A RETREAT in PARADISE – Join us for The Ecstatic Journey: New and Ancient Healing to Renew your Romantic Relationship with Dr. Tammy Nelson and D’Arcy Swanson

    March 1 – 8, 2014

    Opening to Soulful and Erotic connection in your relationship, this workshop will re-enchant both of you, bringing soul and spirit into your love and your sexual intimacy. Ever wanted a deeper, more meaningful and passionate relationship? Sex and consciousness are deeply connected, yet we easily slip into “maintenance” sex and companionship when life is busy or we have been together for a long time. Almost sinking into routine, roommate lifestyles, we forget that we can re-dream and transform our most intimate relationship to bring total fulfillment and even go beyond the day to day connection into the Ecstatic in our relationship with one another. In this workshop we will catalyze and energize this connection between you to form a pathway to open you to another dimension of what’s possible.

    Guiding Couples in Opening to Soulful and Ecstatic Relationship:
    • Through various tantric, shamanic, and presencing techniques, your guides for this workshop will help you to revitalize yourselves and begin a journey into a new dimension of what’s possible in your relationship.
    • Using Imago dialogue, Somatic experiencing, Brainspotting, sex therapy, and specific techniques of couples work we will explore emotional blocks and connections.
    • Using Tantra, yoga and meditation techniques, and exercises from Tammy’s books, we will explore sexual energetic and erotic expansion and intimate connection.
    •We will guide, mentor, and energetically inspire you to new dimensions of soulful depth which is intertwined with your capacity for joy and ecstatic union.

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