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    Hi ladies. Immediately post-procedure and once we had intercourse, my hubby and I were completely thrilled and just so happy that it now worked after so many years of struggling. Then, with time, practice, and lots of communication on what we both enjoyed, we moved from sex is mechanical (i.e. dilating before, me trying to control everything, etc.) to sex is enjoyable (i.e. me giving up a lot of the control and trusting him, experimenting with different positions, etc.). Now, that I am 2+ years post-procedure, I want to make sure that we keep sex enjoyable and not simply routine and change it up a bit to prevent boredom from both parties. We always find that one way of enhancing our love-making and making it very exciting is to go away together for a fun weekend getaway. We both really, really enjoy this and it’s also a great way to break up the routine and reconnect too. Recently, I also came across a great article about ways of enhancing your sexuality together right at home:

    Excerpts from the article include:

    Sensual or Erotic Massage: A fun and very accessible way to increase your sexual arousal is to engage in a sensual or erotic massage. The goal of a sensual massage is to give and receive pleasure. And better yet, you don’t need to leave your house and spend any money to receive a sensual massage. Moreover, the boundaries of therapeutic massage do not apply, so there is freedom to touch and expose the body as the giver and receiver please. A sensual massage can help you build your arousal and achieve higher levels of sexual enjoyment.

    Sex Games: Sex games are a fun way to add spark to your sex life. There are many games options online or available on sex stores. However, you don’t have to go out of your way to play a fun game. A steamy version of Truth or Dare between you and your partner or borrowing the Twister game from your children can yield to very sexy results. You can also make up your own game with some creativity. Make sure to incorporate some sexy consequences for winning and losing.

    A Sex Date: As parents, especially mothers, we tend to put our children’s needs first at all times. However, a balanced and happy mother will serve your children better. If you are married, putting your spouse first (yes, you read that right!) will ensure that your relationship is stable, solid, strong, and able to withstand the challenges of raising a family. Make time for sex, make sex dates with your partner, and make sex and spending time with your partner a priority.

    Try Something New: Take your sex life to a new level. Ask your partner to surprise you with a new sex technique, take your partner to a spot in the house in which you have never had sex before or try masturbating while taking a bath if you haven’t done so before. The possibilities are endless. Just a little imagination can go a long way to improve your sex life and add some spark to an ordinary day or a special day.

    Dine In: We already know that food can do wonders for your sex life. Moreover, chocolate is not only a favorite among sweets lovers, it is also a sexual enhancer. But think outside the box: melt that chocolate and have your partner eat it off of an interesting place in your body (after cooling it down a little, of course) and do the same for you partner. Or prompt your partner to eat that dessert off of your preferred body part and vice-versa. Just one bite can be the start of a steamy sex session.”

    These are great tips that we will definitely use. Do you have any further tips to help keep your sex life fresh, alive, and phenomenal post-procedure?

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