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    Hello All,

    My name in Nina, I had my botox done on 12th June in Germany, amazing feeling after that, I must tell you everyone whether they are Moderator or Participant encouraged me and just because of you all I decided to do botox and guess what within 2 days, I was able to dilate with 2nd largest, after 9 days, I was able to dilate with the largest dilator. I had lubricant issue in the beginning, but again thanks to you Heather, I ordered Liquid Silk and it works!! no tacky anymore. I am using coconut oil first (Thanks Melissa), and then 1 pump of Liquid Silk, I dont feel any pain at all, and no more tackiness even after 1 hour. When me and my husband tried intercourse, there was some erection issue, he told as soon as he came in contact with lube, he felt sensation and wasnt able to maintain, which is sad part. After discussing with GP, he had viagra yesterday and we tried again, he ejaculate inside me, and I yesterday I was ovulating, I am very nervous what will happen if I get pregnant, will there be any complexity?

    In short, I have 2 question:-
    1) Maintaining erection is really a common problem , if yes, what should we do? It is just because of lube.
    2) Should I be really worried if I get pregnant, will there be issue in baby?

    Lastly huge thanks to Dr. Pacik and his book (When Sex seems impossible 🙂

    Many Thanks in advance!


    Hi Nina,

    Congratulations! What a great success story.

    Erection issues in partners of women who have vaginismus is so common. Because of all the repeated failed attempts over and over, the partner does not have a normal response cycle. Getting the viagra is exactly the right way to go. What we find is that most partners need the viagra only a few times, and then they can usually get an erection without it after a good pattern is established.

    As for pregnancy…we don’t have any data that says getting pregnant after intravaginal botox injections will be an issue. No one would do that study. Botox is pregnancy category C, so you should never get Botox knowingly when you are pregnant.

    We usually advise our patients to try to avoid pregnancy for 3-4 months after the procedure, when we know the botox is likely to be wearing off. However, we have had in our practice women get pregnant sooner, and so far we have not had any issues with the pregnancy or baby that we know of.



    Congratulations on all your success!!! That is so wonderful to hear! My husband was the same way at first. He had erection problems, but only because he feared hurting me. He knew that I had so much pain before so it really made him nervous to even be near there. It went away after the first few times. I must say, sex in the beginning is funky and weird but it gets so much better! It’s a learning process too because you both need to learn what each other likes, what works for you guys and what doesn’t.
    I don’t know how you feel about sex games and sex shoppes but that really helped us build a really fun sex life and to transition from mechanical(routine and boring) to fun and eventful! We would go to sex shoppes and buy fun things, and try new things and I’d buy pretty lingerie. We’d also play sex games, to get us both in the mood. Basically these things just made the topic of sex more fun, it made us both more aroused, it made it more enjoyable and it helped my husband keep his erections and now we have no problems with that part. You could also try some spicy movies! Just some ideas that make sex more about fun than about dilating and vaginismus!
    As for the lube, maybe you could get him used to how it feels by stimulating his penis with some on your fingers and hand? It is a yucky feeling lol! I hope this helps you!!


    Hi Nina – congrats on such quick success after the botox procedure, that is amazing! Just want to reiterate what the others have said and say that it’s VERY normal for the partner to have erection issues after you’ve been dealing with botox treatment for awhile – the partner is so unused to regular sexual operation that he usually has to relearn some pieces of the attraction response himself! With more practice he will get there and so will you – enjoy yourself and congratulations again!

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