MonaLisa Touch: New Treatment Option for Post-Menopausal Pain with Intercourse

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    Hi all. There is a new Blog posted that discusses the MonaLisa Touch as a treatment option for post-menopausal pain with intercourse.


    Excerpts from the Blog include:

    “If your post-menopausal vagina hurts when you have intercourse, you have probably been told to use an estrogen cream to help heal the tissue and mucosa. Because the vagina is so sensitive to hormone shifts, when your natural level of estrogen drops, your vagina can be the first part of your body to feel the difference. The pain you are experiencing with intercourse is probably burning, chafing or irritation because the mucosa in the vagina has gotten thin and irritated and tears easily. Using local estrogen cream can help alleviate the problem but now there is another option that patients love, a laser treatment called the MonaLisa Touch. Three treatments of less than 5 minutes each are performed at 6 week intervals with follow up treatments once a year.”

    I encourage you to read and welcome your comments and feedback here.


    I am so happy that we are offering the MonaLisa Touch at Maze Women’s Health. It is a great option for women suffering from vulvo-vaginal atrophy that are looking to avoid hormones, or the hassles of using daily creams. It’s easy and virtually painless.

    Helen Leff, LCSW

    It is so wonderful to offer new treatment options to our women with vulvo-vaginal atrophy and especially
    to those who cannot use hormonal products. The MonaLisa Touch Laser is proving to be a really good modality.


    We have been using the Mona Lisa Touch Laser here at Maze now for over two years and we are seeing great results in post menopausal women with vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.

    This treatment is completely hormone free, so for women with contraindications to hormone therapy, or those who just want to avoid using hormones, this is a great option.


    I am post menopausal. I have completed 2 Mona Lisa Touch sessions and while they say my vaginal tissue looks better I still cannot have intercourse…extreme burning and pain. Impossible entry at this point. Now they say Vaginismus. So much out of pocket money out the window…again. I have done PT, Dilators and I can no longer use estrogen cream due to breast cancer 2 years ago. It has been a LONG 2 years. I am at my wits end and pretty much out of “out of pocket” money for treatment.


    Hi Shelleyekg,

    I think that doing the Mona Lisa was still a good thing, and that improving the integrity of the tissue can only help.

    Maybe you need more than two sessions, most people need 3. I’d also make sure that when you had your Mona Lisa they did a two probe treatment, internally for the vagina, but also externally at the vaginal entrance with the external probe. I find that women who only have the vaginal probe often still have pain right at the vaginal entrance.

    I would also consider adding in some Hyaluronic acid cream to the vestibule, this is the area right at the vaginal opening. There are a few types you can get online, Hyalogyn is one. But I usually have a compounding pharmacy make up a cream for my patients with Vit A and E in it. This is really helpful and totally hormone free.

    I would also not give up on the dilators. If you have not used a dilator that is bigger than your partner’s penis, then I would keep dilating. You need to stretch the opening a little bigger than your partner, or he will always give you pain.

    I hope this helps.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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