Menstrual cups?

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    I’m wondering if anyone here has used menstrual cups? Specifically the silicone ones (like the diva cup).
    I have some scarring in my vagina from physical trauma (dry penetration) and that combined with vaginismus makes tampon usage so uncomfortable for me..
    The Cotton feels scratchy inside and my body likes to literally push the tampon doc suggested maybe using a silicone cup as an alternative to reduce the “scratchy” feeling. They come in different sizes but the top of it looks BIG even though you fold it (I believe) to insert it. I don’t know what I’d expect pain wise.
    So has anyone used it? What’s your experience been compared to traditional tampons? Was pain better, worse or the same?


    I have never used the cup to be honest, but I’m also curious about this – I have trouble inserting tampons, and you can’t really reposition them the same way you can with a cup if you get them in wrong the first time. I think when I was more new to inserting things I wouldn’t have liked how hands-on you need to be to settle the cup into position, but I’m more open to something like this now. I’d also love to hear if anyone has experience with this!


    It’s great that there are more menstrual products on the market now – the menstrual cups (like the diva cup you mentioned), the period underwear (such as Thinx products) and also more variety in tampon sizing – all of these give women more options.
    Something I suggest to patients who have a history of vaginismus and are at the point where they might be able to insert a tampon (but can help anyone regardless of vaginismus history): Try inserting the tampon with a lubricant such as organic, refined coconut oil. This may help with ease of insertion and also with reducing the ‘scratchy’ feeling that you’re describing. I also recommend that our dilation patients attempt tampon insertion lying down, in the same position that they have been dilating, as they have become familiar with the angle of insertion that is most comfortable. Just a couple suggestions to help with the ease of tampon insertion…but may also help w insertion of the menstrual cup. Please keep us posted.


    Great question – I’m super curious about these too. I might try them out in the next few months, and I’ll come back and report if I do.

    However, I am pretty happy/comfortable with tampons. To get used to them, at the very beginning I used the suggestion Leslie posted – treating them as if they’re dilators (using a bit of lube, deep breathing, and other techniques I used for dilating).


    Cattydoll and Sks823,
    Yes, please report back here if you do end up trying one of the menstrual cups w your period. A lot of women have some apprehension about trying them, but it’s good to know that there are alternatives to pads and tampons. We would love to hear about your experience!

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