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    Man, today has been kind of an odd day with dilation. This past week, I’ve started dilating again after having had a weeklong break due to stress, period, and overall blah-ness. Thankfully, I was able to get back to my previous ease of dilation pretty quickly! So last night was one of my nights to sleep with the dilator. As I was reading in bed with the #4 in before falling asleep, there were times when I had forgotten that I even had it in! I also got a pretty good night’s sleep and was able to switch sleeping positions easily throughout the night. The plan for this morning was to put the #5 in for an hour, and then the #6 in for an hour, and then for my boyfriend and I to try having sex.

    Well, when we both woke up this morning, he had gone and gotten the flu or something. The nerve of that guy! Man… So I went ahead with my plan and put the #5 in for a while just so I could get my daily dilation out of the way. Of course, the cats decided overnight that it was time to make messes all over the house, including in front of the litterbox in our bedroom. Considering that my boyfriend was feeling nauseous, I figured it would be good to clean up all those messes so that the room (and the house) wouldn’t be vomit inducing. The plan at that point changed to clean cat messes, go to Walgreen’s, and get boyfriend set up with what he needs – *then* take out #5 and put in #6. I was not interested in touching the dilator until all contaminations had been taken care of and my hands thoroughly washed! That took at least 3 hours – way longer than I meant to leave the #5 in, but oh well.

    Wait, let me back up here. I went to Walgreen’s. In my car. With the #5 in! And I was even the one driving! I was able to accomplish this by putting a medium-firm bed pillow under me in the car and kind of slouching a bit. I made sure that I would be able to do this safely before pulling out of the driveway of course, but it ended up being only a little awkward and not painful. Wouldn’t want to do that for long trips, but the short jaunt to Walgreen’s was fine. And I could walk normally, so no one would even know anything was up.

    Once I *finally* took care of all the germy chores, I put in the #6 for about 30 minutes. This was a little anxiety-inducing, but not too bad. After about 15 or so minutes, the soreness pretty much went away. One of these days, my boyfriend and I will finally get to try having sex again, but probably not this weekend. Poor guy… We had even bought new condoms to try out.


    Vashalla, you are amazing! Definitely a dilating diva! Your commitment to dilating is awesome! I have yet to go to the store with a dilator in let alone #5 but you have given me the inspiration to try it! You go girl! Thank you for sharing.


    Wow!! Good for you!! I agree with Nakitalab, you are definitely a dilating diva! 🙂


    This is such a GREAT post Vashalla! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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